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Disposable catering supplies are often required for both weddings and other special occasions, in conjunction with Event Supplies we have put together this page containing information that may be of assistance.

The choice of which items to buy can often be a lot more complex that it first appears simply due to the huge range of products available in different shapes / sizes / colours / styles etc.

The items below are the most commonly purchased items for this type of event:

Plastic Champagne Flutes

These are available as either reusable or disposable glasses. For smaller scale occasions, or where a glass-replica product is required, the reusable polycarbonate plastic champagne flutes are extremely high quality products. For larger scale events or where smaller budgets are concerned, disposable plastic champagne flutes may prove to be more suitable. These are made from high quality injection moulded crystal styrene, completely translucent with no visible "clouding" effect.

Disposable Crystal Styrene Plastic Champagne Flutes
Reusable Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes
Disposable Plastic Champagne Flutes
Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes
£14.65 per case (100)
£15.30 per case (12)

Plastic Glasses

Again, your choice of plastic glasses is dictated on your requirement for either reusable or disposable products. The most popular sizes required are 20oz (one pint) plastic tumblers for beer/lager and 8oz (just less than half a pint) glasses for mixers, spirits or soft drinks.

In addition to the polycarbonate range of glasses, a middle-ground reusable product also exists. These have the same appearance and feel of polycarbonate glassware, but aren't quite as strong (tested to 100 glass washer cycles instead of 500).

For disposable plastic glasses, Katerglass tumblers are widely regarded as being the best quality of disposable tumbler available whilst still being cost effective. These are available as either pint or half pint glasses for all requirements. Being injection moulded polypropylene they're extremely strong and specifically designed not to shatter, ideal where they will be used by children.

For mixers and soft drinks, the most popular product is the 8oz crystal styrene disposable juice glass - this is completely translucent and the perfect size for a wide variety of uses, including spirits and soft drinks.

Disposable Plastic Glasses
Polycarbonate Plastic Glasses
Crystal Polystyrene reusable Glasses
Plastic Glasses
Polycarbonate Glasses
Reusable plastic glasses
From £2.10 per pack (50)
From £28.99 per case (100)
From £11.89 per case (100)

Paper Napkins

For weddings, the most common size of napkins is the 33cm folded - normally the 2ply variety. These are available in a wide range of colours to match your theme and setting with matching or contrasting table covers available (see below). For a larger dinner napkin the 40cm size can sometimes prove more suitable, although this will depend on your individual requirements.

Disposable Paper Napkins
Paper Napkins
From £2.99 per pack (500)

Disposable Paper Table Cloths

Disposable table covers are available in a range of different styles and thicknesses. The ranges we recommend are as follows:

  • Paper Dispotex table covers
  • Crystal wipeable table cloths
  • Disposilk premium slipcovers

In terms of a premium silk texture and the best appearance, the Disposilk range is the best choice of these. It allows the cover to drape over the edge of trestle tables and spillages can be wiped clean.

The Crystal Wipeable range is a new product designed to sit between the more expensive Silk range and the disposable paper Dispotex product. It features roughly the same grade of paper as the Dispotex covers, but with the addition of a glossy top texture that allows the product to be wiped clean when spillages occur.

Dispotex paper table covers and banquet rolls are the most economical solution for covering long trestle tables, or a larger number of square tables. The high quality 45gsm kraft paper is steam embossed and will not tear easily as with some cheaper products.

Dispotex Paper Table Cloths
Crystal Wipeable Table Covers
Disposilk Premium Slipcovers
Paper Table Cloths
Wipeable Table Cloths
From £5.00 per pack (25)
From £10.99 per pack (25)
From £16.99 per pack (25)

If you need any further information on any of the items above then please visit, or call 0844 4995456

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